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Ending The Phone System Frustration: Emily Finds Cheap, Professional 1-800 Number For Home Based Business...
As a personal business coach, I get so many small business owners asking me how to handle their phone systems.  They are looking at customized PBX solutions that are too pricy or running everything through their personal cell phone (which is a good way to go insane with volume once your business takes off). 

The "happy medium" is to direct your calls through a customizable, low-cost business phone system that works whether you have a business of one or a large staff taking calls. 

You'll create a professional image, save money, and capture more leads.  This is the same system business phone system I have been recommending to friends and clients since I started using it 3 years ago!

There are a lot of reasons to check out this business toll free number service.  I hope you give it a try.  

The main down-side I can think of is that, due to RingCentral's pleathora of features and customizations is that it can take a little while to set it up.  But the tutorials are really good, and they have screen shots and everything.  If you really get stuck, you can call in on their support line and they will walk you through it.  I personally have changed my settings around a lot, including fax, and the messages for different extensions and not had any trouble.

Here Are The Major Benefits Of This Business Phone System:

Choose a 1-800 number and/or local number for clients to call PC-fax solution at no extra charge
Direct callers to a voicemail box (to listen to company info), your assistant, or your cell. Have different treatment for calls to different departments - sales, customer service, and general inquiries.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee Play hold music or your recorded messages while they wait.
"Cheaper Than My Home Phone Line"
I have tried many business phone systems, but this one gave me all the services I needed at a very affordable price! It was less than I was paying for my regular phone line through the phone company.

It's easy to use and to all the try-before-you-buyers out there, they offer a great trial where you can really run it through it's paces.  It's a fabulous system and I recommend it

Tracy B
Seattle, WA

Of course, as with any business phone system, it's not totally perfect for every application, but compared to many programs that we've seen whist looking for a cheap online phone and fax solution that works for everyday people, it does seem effective and the feedback so far has been great.

Do we recommend you try it? Yes. Ignore the fact that the website looks a bit odd. We now have proof that this does work and love the fact that is it based on features that real people use...

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PC Fax Software  
What PC Fax Software Is Available?
If you're like me, you may want a way to occassionally send and recieve faxes from your home PC, but don't want to pay for another hard line to your house. Or maybe you're on the move a lot and want to be able to view your faxes online or through yoru email, and not wait to get home and look at your old-fashioned fax machine to see what's come in during the day..
With RingCentral, you can get a separate fax service, or you can have it bundled in with your existing business toll free calling plan.  People can fax to you 1-800 toll free number, or you can use a local number if you prefer.

Also, in addition to just recieving faxes via email, you can send outgoing faxes via email, too.  It's really convenient.  I put my old Brother Fax Machine in the closet and now I just use this PC Fax software.  It's really that easy

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A Business Toll Free Number That Works...

Are you looking for the right  business phone system to represent your company?

Do you need a virtual phone system that is flexible, low cost and reliable?

A friend told me about RingCentral a few years ago, and since it was less expensive, more professional, and more customizable than the other solutions I'd been considering, I checked it out. 

I was able to have my own customized 1800 vanity-number, pre-paid minutes that came with my plan, and an PC fax software solution that did not require me to get another fax line into my home.

I know there can be a lot of info to wade through on some commercially-oriented phone company sites, the purpose of this site is to cut to the chase with my own experiences of using a business toll free number for my small companies.



Business Toll Free Number Ideas  
My Real Estate Business Phone Number Tips...
I have been in the real estate business since 2002. You know that phones are our lifeline, and that we have to always be available to clients. However, just because calls are coming in 24-7, you don't necessarily want to answer them around the clock. With my phone system here's what you can do.

Callers can reach my business phone system by calling my easy-to-remember vanity number or a local number that makes me seem more "accessible." Depending on when they call, and my schedule for the day, clients might be connected directly to my cell, go to voicemail, listen to a menu of informative options (to connect to a message describing a home for sale or to another departments or live members, if you have them).

When I run ads, I can put a tracking number (e.g. "call extension 3") on the ad (print ads in magazines, postcards and mailers, websites, business cards, etc.) to track where my callers are coming from. This helps me know which are my best lead sources, and where I should stop wasting my money. This trick alone has saved me $100's of dollars per month!

Here's another insider tip: The beautiful thing about using 1-800 numbers is that once a lead has called your company, their yours, whether or not they leave a message. You can see a call-log of everyone who rang you up, and you can have your staff go through and follow up with everyone who was interested in your company, by calling them back with a simple script. This has gotten me so many leads that would have otherwise fallen through the cracks.

Plus: Did you know you can get a 300-500% increase in response rate by offering clients more information through a toll-free message (where they don't have to talk to a live sales person?)

You can do all this and more through the RingCentral Toll Free Number service.


VoIP Calling...

They VoIP could be the routing of telephone calls via the web into digital signals allowing the web to act like a gigantic cell phone line. VoIP calling thus requires one to have an web connection in order to produce these on the net calls.

One excellent advantage of VoIP will be the ability to be location-independent. Signal strength, typical in ordinary cell phone technologies, is no longer required in the event you want to make a call inside middle of the jungle to some far-flung city. Actually all you require is really a router, an internet connection and you are excellent to go. Today�s VoIP technology is so advanced that you even get to select a phone number registered to some state or city generating routing calls and caller ID far more real than prior to.

The consumer market has greatly benefited from VoIP calling. Full telephone voice VoIP cellular phone organizations now deliver unlimited domestic calling normally for a flat monthly fee and even totally free calling between subscribers who use the same subscriber. These services come with a wide variety of functions including fax lines, virtual telephone numbers and toll-free numbers. In recent years, it has even been achievable to present text messaging support, a excellent milestone that proves that VoIP calling is not the only benefit of world-wide-web telephony and that we must expect to see additional developments in the field.

VoIP emergency inside past posed a problem since it was not usually achievable to guarantee a connection considering that IP addresses tended to have static characteristics and therefore access to some local dispatch center limited this support. Nonetheless, no much more, mainly because assistance providers are now able to display a caller�s address making it simple for a dispatcher to route emergency calls to a local emergency center. This service is called Enhanced 911 or E911 for short.

The corporate world has also seen the benefits of VoIP calling too as the attributes that come with it. VoIP solutions aimed at businesses now offer faxes, voice mail, web conferencing and much more, all delivered to any handset, even cellphones. Given that VoIP runs both voice and data over a single network, the infrastructure costs are greatly reduced. In addition, VoIP hardware runs on PCs and other standard interfaces creating it even more affordable and easy to integrate. Easy and intuitive interfaces of VoIP devices also make it simple for users to configure the systems and make changes. The trend is clearly toward VoIP calling and its associated characteristics. Are you in VoIP already?




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